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Recintha 202
Wire Panels

Recintha 202

The linearity of the mesh gives this fence a stylish look, while double horizontal wires makes it robust and secure; the system reaches its best when installed with Omega post.

The RECINTHA® 202 maintains high security standards, whilst ensuring a pleasing look.

Supporto Macs

Recintha 202 MACS


With Recintha 202 the intelligent MACS fence system, extends its use from the large industrial site to family dimension.


• A compact, elegant and highly distinctive sensor design.

• Sensor and cable available in different colors to match any project style.

• A sensor case shape designed specifically to facilitate installation.

• A single central screw assembling mechanism.


With MACS (MEMS-based anticlimbing system), break-in and overtaking attempts are individually detected, discriminating with extreme precision natural or accidental events. Thanks to the easy installation and the remote monitoring, this package represents an important step forward for perimeter security.


60x60 mm square post
60x40x25 mm Omega post

Technical Features

- Mesh 200x50 mm
- Double wire:  8 mm horizontal, 6mm vertical
- S235JR UNI EN 10025 galvanized Steel
- Polyester powder coating 
- RAL 6005 green, other RAL colours available on demand
Fixing system
- Universal MP joint
- Cover plate with security bolts (only with Omega post)
- Single, double or sliding leaf gates


  • Industrial buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Parking areas
  • Airports
  • Military sites

Product Specifications

High-resistance fencing type 202 made of electro-welded wire mesh panels, 50x200 mm opening, with double 8 mm horizontal and 6 mm vertical wires, completed by a symmetrical Omega profile post a predrilled cover plate and secured by stainless steel anti-theft bolts. 

Painted by thermosetting polyester powder coating. 

Post centre-to-centre distance: 2540 mm with Omega post, 2510 mm with square post section.