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Louvered Panels


An elegant, pure, rigorous design for timeless architecture. TALIALIVE has been developed using a material that reinterprets traditional iron-working craftsmanship in a modern way. An original choice of high aesthetic value for design solutions. TALIALIVE preserves the privacy features typical of the fencing in this range. Maintenance costs are eliminated, thanks to a "live" material that, by taking on new hues and nuances with the passing of time, contributes to enhancing the overall design. Both in the standard and the Screen version, TALIALIVE is the only lamellar grating certified for wind protection, thanks to  the integration of the post with the panel, which also ensures quick and easy installation.

Supporto Macs

TaliAlive MACS


With TaliAlive the intelligent MACS fence system, extends its use from the large industrial site to family dimension.


• A compact, elegant and highly distinctive sensor design.

• Sensor and cable available in different colors to match any project style.

• A sensor case shape designed specifically to facilitate installation.

• A single central screw assembling mechanism.


With MACS (MEMS-based anticlimbing system), break-in and overtaking attempts are individually detected, discriminating with extreme precision natural or accidental events. Thanks to the easy installation and the remote monitoring, this package represents an important step forward for perimeter security.



Technical Features

- Mesh 46x132 mm
- TALIA® and TALIA® Screen horizontal/vertical profiles
- Vertical/horizontal round bars Ø 4 mm
- COR-TEN S355JOWP steel
- Possible pickling
Fixing system
- TTQST M10x30 stainless steel or Nerinox security bolts
- Flat 60x7 or bespoke on demand


  • Luxury housing
  • Technical areas
  • Public buildings
  • Wall cladding

Product Specifications

TALIALIVE and Screen fencing is made up of modular monolithic panels, 46x132 mm mesh, special section horizontal profiles (centre distance 46 mm), Ø 4 mm round vertical joining bars (centre distance 132 mm). 60x7 mm flat posts welded at both ends, making up one single unit ready for installation, with appropriate holes for fixing subsequent panels. Centre distance: 1650-2000 mm 

Material: COR-TEN steel

Coating: possible pickling.



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