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Defim Mesh
Welded mesh

Defim Mesh

Welded mesh is becoming the industrial and building markets protagonist for several applications. Nuova Defim turns each supply into a solution specifically targeted to meet specific customer requirements thanks to its extensive experience and to its fine tuned organisation supported by a design office of excellence.


It is available horizontal and vertical multi-mesh pattern in the same panel upon request, with max 2 different wire diameters both directions.


Different types of finish are available, depending on the specific applications: open with spikes, flush, tapered.  

a_wire mesh panel with open edge
b_wire mesh panel with flush edges
c_wire mesh panels with tapered edges 



Additional services: the versatility in offering solutions is completed by the post-production finishing department (bending, cutting and other operations) that integrates its experience with the customer’s production process and offers specific skills, building up a relationship based on industrial cooperation targeted to develop original solutions, rather than being a mere customer/supplier link.


Example of bent mesh


  • Rigid mesh for metal beds
  • Fan grilles
  • Benches
  • Containers
  • Animal enclosures
  • Cable trays
  • Plasterwork sub-frame
  • Overpass fencing
  • Foundations and anti-cracking mesh
  • Special structural work
  • Mesh for the food industry
  • Machine guards systems
  • Fencing



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