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Alarm systems


The most advanced electronic techniques incorporated into the solidity of Nuova Defim Orsogril fencing systems. With MACS (MEMS-based anticlimbing system) attempts to break in or climb over fences are detected accurately and distinguished from natural or accidental events. With its easy installation and remote monitoring capability, the system is an important improvement in perimeter security.

Thanks to its self-learning technology is adaptable to any project, fits to any fence type and it can be set in real time.


Integrated Macs Fences

MACS is specifically designed to be integrated harmoniously and functionally to Recintha Safety and Elettra models. A new and safer security system is thus defined to guarantee an elegant and perfectly integrated design respecting the Italian style; invisible and inaccessible sensors and cables in addition to a pre-calibrated system designed for Nuova Defim Orsogril fence systems completes the offer.


External Macs Fences

MACS advanced electronics has been developed to extend all intelligent protection advantages to a wide range of Nuova Defim Orsogril enclosures. Thanks to the sensors compact design, MACS system is integrated in a distinctive and elegant way with the complete range of our offer. You can choose different cable colors to match the project style. The single central screw mechanism, grants a quick and easy installation. MACS is compatible with: Recintha N/L, 202, Sterope, Pleione, Britosterope and with the Talia style.

MACS Fences esterno alla recinzione
MACS Fences integrato alla recinzione
Catena di sensori MEMS con sistema di fissaggio a vite unica

Technical Features

Remote control for your fencing system as well


The MACS system can be managed remotely with an integrated portal, thanks to an Ethernet communication board to programme and re-programme different zones in the fenced perimeter, even with different sensor sensitivity and monitor events in real time.


This smart operation is possible due to an interface that can also be accessed from mobile devices and has been designed for different levels of interaction, to enable the use by professionals and end users.




  • Residential areas
  • Industrial areas
  • Commercial areas
  • Parks
  • Railways
  • Telecommunication sites
  • Military sites
  • High security fencing
  • Airports and customs
  • Borders
  • Car park
  • Strategic installations
  • Photovoltaic installations



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