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Ten in steel: Nuova Defim Orsogril’s tenth birthday

Two days to relieve the Como Company route within the Feralpi Group

Ten in steel, two days to celebrate Nuova Defim Orsogril ten years of life! A journey started thanks to Feralpi Group support, which not only made us become one of the most important international player in our sector, but also has enriched the group above all with human relationships, allowing experiences sharing with colleagues, customers and suppliers day after day.

The above celebration deserved a memorable venue in a special place. The event took place in the Como Lake splendid setting divided in two moments: on Saturday evening Villa Parravicini Revel was the Gala Dinner location with Feralpi’ s management participation and the main customers who joined us from the start in this journey rich of satisfactions.

Nuova Defim’s start-up main architects hosted the dinner: namely our President Giovanni Pasini, the Managing Director Alberto Messaggi and the Director Luciano Benini.

On Sunday, the attention went to the Company authentic flagship: the staff. Together with the families, starting from the town of Lecco on two boats all went up Como Lake branch to Bellagio and then docking on the Comacina Island. After an interesting tour among the Romanic remains, a magnificent lunch rich of conviviality took place.

In his speech during the meal, Ing. Pasini highlighted the team identity - a growth necessary ingredient - emphasizing on how human relationships had been at the origin of the company successes achieved during these years. He stated in fact that everyone took his/her responsibility and, as learned from volleyball top player Maurizia Cacciatori earlier this year during the salesforce meeting, nobody was afraid of "calling always the ball for the team benefit, never pulling back".

At the end of the event, the employees who joined the adventure since the beginning received the ten years’ service award. The group went finally to Lecco, a small journey that ideally symbolizes the desire to go straight to the coming year’s challenges.


>> Watch the video of the event 

Ten in steel: Nuova Defim Orsogril’s tenth birthday